IMG_0885It’s Sunday and I had breakfast with my husband today. That seems like such a simple thing but for triathletes it seems to be a rare thing. Or am I just the only one? For the past couple of years my Sundays have been filled with long runs. However Im broken at the moment. This hamstring will not cooperate. It may be just what I needed to re-focus on what is important though.

I found out yesterday that registration opens up in a couple weeks for Oceanside. That was to have been the start of an EPIC 2018 season for me. I was going to complete my first full next year. Ive decided to put that off at least a year. I need a break from the constant training, pain and exhaustion. This morning put that into perspective for me.

Before you get SUPER excited, (Yes Im looking at YOU), Im not giving up triathlon. Im not giving up the training or the competition. I just refuse to let it eat away at my physical and mental well being. I plan to do shorter distances next year. I love spending time with my like minded friends too much to give that up. Maybe if I feel up to it Ill do Santa Cruz late next season. The point is, I dont have to make that decision this month….or even this year.

I also want to continue to be a voice for women in this sport. Maybe Ill write more about it. My goal is to continue to surround myself with awesome people. That should be everyones life goal. Ive seen a lot of ugly in this sport and in life this year. I want to bring something beautiful to those around me. I want to bring joy back to the sport.

I also want to see what the next phase of my life holds. I want to purge my house of junk. I want to find a new source of income. I want to go on vacation with my husband and NOT race.

But when Im ready…..I want to come back full throttle to the sport and be stronger than I am now. Ill be unstoppable then.



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