The Road to Vineman 70.3 is not paved with gold…

…it is paved with pain, and alot of it.


Im getting ahead of myself. Last Saturday I was out on a ride and more than half way through it I fell off my bike, hitting the aerobars and bouncing off them on the way down. It was dumb. i was barely moving when it happened. It knocked the wind out of me for a split second but I got up and kept moving. I completed three more work outs before it really started bothering me and it was so minor I questioned if the SLIGHT pain in my chest was from being sick the week before, from the fall or, because I turn 40 later this summer, a heart attack. Ive had cardiac work ups before. Really through work ups. Its never been an issue. But when I woke up on Thursday with radiating pain in my chest I knew I was in trouble. I got my initial morning work done for my boss and then politely excused myself so I could go get checked out. I think the hospital staff thought I was nuts for driving myself while I was possibly having a heart attack.

It wasnt a heart attack. Far from it. Just a reminder that I am not invincible. And I am not 20 anymore. Nothing on the chest x-ray or the EKG or the lab work. Healthy as a horse. Just be careful. Oh and this is likely going to hurt. For SIX WEEKS. I knew that I would get a curve ball thrown at me in my training if I started looking too far ahead.

Im sticking with my plan of one day at a time. I may regret it if I dont make my goal of 7 hours and 30 minutes at Vineman 70.3 but it seems to be the only way I can continue to juggle all the balls I have in the air and stay in one piece.


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