Giving Thanks….

I have so much thanks to give this year. I spoke to a group of  people last night and told my story about my road to triathlon. I used the phrase “Triathlon changed my life” but had a hard time expanding on that statement. Today I think Im able to expand a bit more.IMG_0635

Triathlon changed my life because of the lessons it has taught me about how I interact with the people around me. Every teammate has a story of their own. Every triathlete has had to overcome an obstacle. Some more than others. Some more private than others but for race day it becomes the demon we chase to finish. What motivates me? Beating the voices in my life that tell me “You can’t.” The loudest of those voices is my own and, let’s be honest, the rest of the voices just don’t matter because, in the end, those that love and support me will always keep pushing me forward, or in Courtney’s case gives me someone to chase after, train with, laugh with and cry with. I am so glad I can count on her to talk me off the ledge and be there when I am terrified.

What last night taught me was she is not the only one I can count on. When I agreed to give this talk, the self doubt was overwhelming. “What if no one shows?” or, even worse, “What if a lot of people show and it becomes apparent that I have nothing to say that anyone wants to hear?” Come to find out, I am surrounded by people who love and support me, no matter what my story is.

So thank you, team, for showing up last night and asking some questions you knew the answers to, some questions you didn’t, and making me feel like I had something to say. We all have a story. Those that acknowledge that are the one’s to keep in your life.



One thought on “Giving Thanks….

  1. Thank you for being open, honest, and telling about your journey. We can all learn something from each other, no matter where we are in life. I am beyond excited to share this journey to Vineman with you. Laughter, tears, frustration, joy, pain, and triumph…I will be there right by your side. I am your teammate and friend and I wouldn’t be on this journey if it had not been for you. Thank you…for being an inspiration, motivating me to do “uncomfortable” things, training beside me, listening to me complain, and not getting mad at me when I tell you to suck it up. But most importantly, thank you for being YOU!!!

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