Time to get to work

I don’t do ‘sick’ well. I can rarely exercise when I’m sick and mix that with work stress and unable to exercise it becomes ugly. Very ugly. I lost it this week and without getting into the details Ill just say that Im happy that I am finally on the mend and that I have a very patient boss who has the same problems with this company that I do. I am also thankful to be working because this sport of triathlon just got really expensive.


I have had this dream for the past couple years now of doing something rather epic for my 40th birthday. The people I look up to in my life may not think that a 70.3 is epic but given where I used to be it feels nearly impossible at the moment. Ill get there. I cant afford to throw this money away and not have an amazing race and an amazing experience. So I decided last year that this was my goal and that I would take one or two friends with me. My team decided to make it a team event so we are all going and the party will be epic on Sunday July 10 after it’s all said and done. I am excited, nervous and naturally, anxious. I have a goal in mind. I need to crush it. I need to quiet some people who refuse to stay quiet.


So now that I am on the mend it’s time to get to work. Time marches on (across my hairline apparently) and 40 will be here before I know it. Then I have to be a grown up. Or do I?


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